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Learning English Lessons

One Stop English – Macmillan

We have paid Macmillan so that we could provide you with interactive and rich content courses. Try our One Stop English – Macmillan free resources.

Around the Town-Map reading and Prepositions
This interactive game aims to develop students critical thinking in terms of following directions and the usage of the prepositions. Read the instructions and click on the map to find the missing buildings.

Nationalities -for kids
This interactive game aims to familiarize learners to different nationalities and the dialect it speaks. Write your answer by typing the correct word on the blank provided.

Adventure of Sawyer
This listening activity aims to develop the most critical skill in English listening. Listen to the audio provided entitled “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and answer the comprehensive questions that follows.

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer 1 mp3
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer Question 1

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer 2 mp3

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer Question 2








Business Writing Basics
Introduction: Students review important elements of good business writing in English, especially for letters and emails . This activity revises key aspects of business writing in English and is applicable for any business sector.
Aim: To teach the important elements of good business writing in English so your correspondence will get read. Your letter or e-mail will get read because it is short, concise, free of errors and interesting to read!

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Hospitality and Tourism Travel agents

English Proficiency Level : Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
Time Needed : 90 minutes
Objectives : At the end of the activity, the student is expected to learn advertising language and superlatives.

The sample activity contains comprehensive teacher’s notes and student worksheets. The lesson focuses on language related to advertising such services and slogans. The grammar objective focuses on learning the correct usage of superlatives. In addition, role players are incorporated for the learners to experience actual workplace interactions.

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6 Minutes English: Collecting football stickers

A free 6 minutes Learning English training from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Collecting football stickers.


Kate and Rosie discuss collecting things and in particular the current craze for collecting World Cup football stickers. Is this strictly a pastime for young children or is it suitable for adults too?

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Talk About English: First Sight, Second Thoughts


In ‘First Sight, Second Thoughts’, we hear about life in Britain as seen through the eyes of her immigrant population, people from many different cultures and countries. In this series from 1999, we discover if their ‘first sights’ of Britain matched their expectations. Immigrants from India, Guyana, Mexico, Germany, Pakistan, Botswana and Iran tell us about their first impressions.

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Talking Business: Meetings: agreeing and disagreeing

“Inevitably, people will agree and disagree with one another during meetings. It’s important to make your position in a debate clear, while being polite to people you disagree with.”

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Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation

Pronunciation Tips

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