Affordable Training Fees

We at the New York English Language Proficiency Center, will help you increase your competitive advantage. We use the best technology to aid our teachers in developing your english skills. With the help of  technology, we deliver our services efficiently and effectively, enabling us to give you quality education at a very low cost.

In our blended learning courses, you will be easily encouraged to speak english with the help of computer assisted instruction. The courses take full advantage of advanced learning research by giving you the opportunity to extend and personalize the computer lesson language content. In addition, we can help you develop your confidence in speaking by letting you join group discussions with other students.

Here at the New York English Language Proficiency Center, we diversify our teaching strategies by integrating technology in the classroom.

There are several types of courses and programs available online, In moodle you can find:

  • Business English 101
  • Conversation for Work
  • Health Services 101
  • Call Center Agent Training 101
  • Hotel and Hospitality101
  • Marlins English for Seafarers

In Dyn-Ed you can find courses like:

  • Dynamic Business English
  • Functioning in Business
  • Hospitality English
  • Free English Conversation

These courses are designed for people who work or would like to work in the industry.

Other teaching materials include downloaded audio files with traditionally styled vocabulary and testing components. Online references include dictionaries and literal translations of commonly used words. More advanced courses include pre-recorded streaming video presentations and live course interactions via WebEx and Skype, as well as email and telephone conversations with the instructor. Most programs include a social network that encourages students to compare notes and provide support.