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New York English Proficiency Center (NYELPC) offers English Distance-Learning for Asia Pacific and Middle East students. A free language assessment ensures that we select the proper courses to meet the students education objectives and language ability. Our teaching platform is the Moodle course management system.

From our website a distance-learner clicks the link into our Moodle site. You can browse some courses with Guest Access. You can register to use the site and enroll into courses offered. Each distance-learning course has a teacher, on camera, who uses many resources such as multi-media lesson plans, videos, pictures, and audio files. Students can participate in the virtual classroom by voice and/or text to teacher, text to other students, and camera. Homework is available from this site as well.

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Our Moodle System has been customized to support the sharing of presentation slides, video, whiteboard, chat, voice, and desktop sharing. It is built to run on Mac, Unix, Linus and MS Windows. Moodle is backed by an open source community that cares about good design and a streamlined user experience.

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