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English Summer Camps

Personality Development Program
.. an English Summer Camp for Kids
Summer is Fun at NYELPC!

Give your children the edge with the English Proficiency they need for their future through our English as a Second Language Summer Camp  with  Cultural & Educational  Trips.


·      Enhance their comprehension skill in English as the medium of instructions;
·      Develop confidence in English interaction;
·      Communicate eloquently in English.
·      Reduce the native accent  by using voice recognition programs that  focuses  on 12 sounds.

The Program:

6 hours a day, five days a week
(Monday – Friday)

Educational Trips during weekends.
2-hour Group of 3-5
2-hour Small Group Class
2-hour Group Class

 The Kids:

Role Play
Talk among themselves in small and  big groups;
Record their voice and listen to it;
Teachers will supervise and teach the  all them time.
They are encouraged  to talk and express themselves in English.
They are supported to be creative. Help them improve their personality.
Parents can view their kids on-line with  CCTV installed in all of our classrooms.


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